I watched a movie last night, Amour, about the inevitability of aging.  It was very sad but I wish all young people could see it.  Maybe it would plant a seed that would bear fruit later when they confront similar situations.

Empathy is one of the hallmarks of being human.  It is possible that some other animals feel for others.  Perhaps dogs, primates or maybe even an octopus shed a tear or its equivalent for their fellow creatures.

Most humans can feel the suffering of others when it is thrust in front of their noses. When pain and suffering strike ourselves or our loved ones, of course we want help.  Why then do we deny succor to others?  Why do so many hurt, neglect and ignore the pain of others?

It may be that selfishness is an innate trait of all animals and its purpose it to ensure individual survival.  When this self-interest overpowers our innate empathy for others we cease to act as humans. Is this why we have never-ending wars, cruelty and suffering?  Is this why our society does not care for the elderly or the poor?




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