Silly Spiders

We all know that spiders are industrious. Every morning they drop down on a thread of silk and they start to spin their web. It’s a lot of work to make those complicated and beautiful designs. It takes several months in spider school to learn how to make a basic funnel web.

One sunny day the spiders went to work grumbling as usual. They climbed up to rooftops and dropped their lines. Little did they know that today was going to be Silly Spider day.

It started when Simon decided to make his web over the front door of the house. He thought it would be funny to see the fat man walk into the web. He never got tired of seeing humans frantically trying to pull the sticky spider silk off their face. Simon wove the biggest web in spider history. It must have been six feet in diameter.

The Sun came up and Simon heard the human rumbling around inside the house. He rubbed his eight legs together gleefully. “This is going to be great,” Simon said to the other spiders.

He heard the chain being pulled off the latch and the door opened. Simon gave a spider chuckle and he had a huge grin on his spider face. The fat man opened the door and stood looking outside. Simon wondered what he was waiting for.

The fat man spoke. “Silly spider, I see your web,” the fat man said. He closed the door. Simon heard the fat man open the back door. The fat man came around to the front door with a broom. Simon worked all night to make that web and the fat man swept it away in five seconds.

Silly spiders,” the fat man said.

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