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Finally there is enough light. Today the temperature is just right. I think I’ll go for it.

At the crack of dawn I push. I push straight up through the soil and decaying leaves. I keep pushing. Finally I burst into the light. I unfold and stretch and bathe in the sun’s warmth.

All day long I marvel at the beauty around me. Night falls and I close up. I need to conserve heat while I slumber. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Dawn breaks and I try to open. What’s this? I can’t move. I am covered in ice and snow. I have to hang on. This winter can’t last forever. Or can it?


It’s my turn in front. I estimate there are over a hundred of us. The formation is perfect and we are making good progress. I see the city up ahead. Down below the inviting green rectangle looks like it will make a nice stop.

I lower my beak and tilt my wings and we start to descend. Hey, I remember that place. I see a grassy lawn. Down we go.

The grass is lush and filled with goodies. I bob my head as I walk plucking delicacies from the soil. One of my mates chirps to me that it’s time to go. I know, I know, it’s going to get cold.

I think about the cobalt blue water and palm trees. Alright everyone, off we go. I take off and the flock follows close behind.