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I hate this job. I’ve worked in Penn Station for three years. I clean the bathrooms.

I push my plastic cart in front of the men’s room entrance. I grab the mob and enter. Men are lined up waiting for an empty urinal. The floor is wet and filthy.

A homeless guy is washing in the sink near the door. His garbage bag is half blocking the door. I squeeze into the room and go to the back  near the stalls.

I hear a scream from one of the stalls. I mop the floor trying to ignore it. Crazy guys get in the stalls and attack each other. The cops ignore them. I continue to mop.

I wonder who designed this place. The water barely comes out of the taps and there is never any soap. Most guys give up and don’t wash their hands. God help us if a disease ever gets in here.

I finish mopping the floor and it is already dirty again. I go outside and gulp in the fresh air.

I hate my job.