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Snow day

It’s cold in the house. Outside snow falls. A scrawny sparrow chirps next to the empty bird feeder. Several chubby squirrels managed to pry the lid off and now seeds litter the front porch.

I see a woman walking in the park. Her furry parka makes her into an upright lioness. I too will venture out soon. The ground is dusted with snow. I wonder whether boots are necessary.  I see a mental image of myself flying through the air. Yes, I think something with tread would be a good idea.

I open the closet and sigh.  The coats and jackets are slouching half on and off coat hangers. I prepare for battle. I know that when I manage to pull out my heavy coat, one of my wife’s coats will fall into the dark abyss at the bottom. I am certain that it will land on my dirty work boots.

After removing my coat and boots I manage to force the door shut with a bang. It’s almost as if the clothing and other unseen occupants of the closet are clawing at the door and pushing it open at the same time.

I bundle up from head to toe and brace myself for the bone-chilling cold.

I  squeeze through the doorway in my bulky clothing.

I did it. I am outside on this fine winter day.