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Tea and honey

It’s another bone-chilling day in New York. I look out the window and see a clear blue sky with bright sunshine bathing the ice and snow.  There are lots of chores that need to be done but it is so comfy inside my warm stone house.  How will I get motivated to get out there and do what needs to be done?  I’ve got it, a mug of hot tea with honey.


Love that Raspberry Pi

I was in a quandary today.  I needed another name server and didn’t feel like forking over big bucks for another machine.  And then it hit me, what would “Ordinary” do?  He happens to be a computer geek and one of the main characters in my novel “Force for Good“.

I rummaged in a canvas bag and dug out a small plastic box.  It was my beloved Raspberry Pi.   I rushed down the  stairs to the basement and took a deep breath while gazing at the blinking blue and amber lights.  The soft whir of the fans whispered in my ears and I was trapped.  The Raspberry Pi would take its place in the Muggington pantheon of silicon this day.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Raspberry Pi is an ultra-cheap but perfectly functional computer.  A few minutes later I had the little beast connected to the network and after a few more hours it was a new web and name server on my small homegrown network.  In fact, that $35 dollar Raspberry Pi might have directed you to this blog post.

What a strange, odd life we humans lead.