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They approached the white dwarf with caution. “No life forces appear to be within range,” it said. An intense beam shot down to the surface of the fiery white sphere and a tiny puff ball appeared. “Approaching ignition point,” it said. A purplish flare rose from the white dwarf and zoomed by them.  Everything occurred in silence. The writhing sheets of violet continued to spew into space.

It began to chuckle. It turned to its partner. “Let’s do another one,” it said. “I don’t know if we should,” the other said. “Come on, it doesn’t hurt anything, it’s just a little gamma radiation,” it said. “Alright, but this is the last one, okay?” the other said.

It grinned and turned them towards another juicy white dwarf.

Official launch of the Pomroy’s World Online 3D virtual world

Click here for information on how to connect to the Pomroy’s World online 3D virtual world.

Finally there is hope.  Don’t despair Pomroy, we are here for you.

As you may have heard, a young teen from Long Island is stranded on a world in a dark matter universe.  You can find out more by reading the novel, Pomroy’s World: Arrival, (paperback), (Kindle).

After you read Pomroy’s World: Arrival, you can help Pomroy find his way home.  The author of Pomroy’s World has set up a 3D virtual world using an open source application called OpenSim (Diva’s Distribution).

Volunteers are need to build the Pomroy’s World online simulation. If we work together it is possible that we might find a way to reach the dark matter universe and rescue Pomroy and his exotic sweetheart Nna.

Everyone is welcome in Pomroy’s World.  Please feel free to explore and build.  The only rule is that everything should be in the spirit of Pomroy’s World.

Click here for information on how to connect to the Pomroy’s World online 3D virtual world.

Good job Rosetta

Humans are amazing.

Spacecraft wakes, calls home

Scientists have flung a spacecraft 800 million kilometers at a comet.  Because of low power the spacecraft was put to sleep for three years.  Now, they have successfully reactivated it and soon it will dance around Comet 67P before sending a lander to the surface.

Talk about unbelievable…

Just think about how hard it is for a pitcher to throw a strike, or a quarterback to connect with a tight end.

It might be good to remember Rosetta the next time we come up against a difficult problem.