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How does NASA’s new EM drive work? Maybe the answer lies in Pomroy’s World?

In the following article sources claim that a new EM engine works in a vacuum even though it “violates the Law of Conservation of Momentum”.

Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive

In my novels, Pomroy’s World: Arrival and Pomroy’s World: Alone, one of the main characters, Juan Garcia, develops a device to directly detect dark matter.

Perhaps the vacuum is not empty.

Perhaps the thrust NASA’s EM drive develops is a result of forces from the virtual particles of the Quantum vacuum interacting with dark matter and dark energy.

Perhaps Juan Garcia found something important.

Perhaps the secret of dark matter and energy lies in Pomroy’s World.





CERN takes up the hunt for dark matter

Good news, the Large Hadron Collider is going to search for dark matter.

Click the link below to learn more:

Revved-up CERN collider aims to shed light on dark cosmos

I wish them the best of luck. I have a feeling that brute force techniques may not be sufficient in order to discover the nature of dark matter.

Who knows, maybe Juan Garcia can help them out.

Does the Higgs bosun decay into dark matter? We may find out soon.

A team led by a theoretical particle physicist Christoffer Petersson, of Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has proposed an interesting experiment to try to discover the nature of dark matter.  His idea will be tested at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider this spring.

Click the link below to find out more.

The Higgs Boson May Disintegrate into Dark Matter


Any second

It could happen to any of us, any second.

Today I read about a thirty five year old man who had blood clot in his ankle. The next morning he was found dead.  It is so sad but also something all of us face.

Life is an incredibly fragile phenomenon. Life is also one of the most persistent, unusual, and mysterious forces in our Universe.

In my novel Pomroy’s World I attempted to explore this fear that hangs over all humans. A young teenager is on his skateboard and weaving his way down a street. All of us see teens like this every day. They don’t seem to have a care in the world.

At the same time, on the same street, I watch impatient drivers honk when the car in front of them slows down for a second. They race their engines and lean on their horns to show their hatred and anger at the unfair delay they are being subjected to.

It is only a matter of time and chance before the unthinkable happens.  A boy is hit by a racing vehicle and he either lives or dies. In Pomroy’s World, a third possibility is presented. The teen is in a coma and the doctors say he will never regain consciousness.

What happens next is my dream and my hope for Pomroy and everyone else like him.


The Better Human Project

We live on a magnificent planet that provides endless opportunities. Humanity has some fatal flaws that prevent it from learning, growing and progressing as a society. The primitive violence and visceral hatred we witness today is no different than it has been for thousands of years.

Why don’t we as a culture and society make progress in the ways we treat each other? We seem to have no difficulty solving problems that require tools but those related to human emotions and thoughts remain unsolvable and inevitable despite many years of effort.

I suggest that our efforts have been sidetracked from the most important problem, learning how to live in peace with our fellow humans.

Isn’t this more important than cheaper junk food, or higher test scores?

I am going to try and use the #BetterHumanProject onTwitter to fish for suggestions and ideas that might help humans rise above our flawed history.

By the way, one of the reasons I wrote Pomroy’s World was to imagine ways in which a world could be different from ours. I refuse to believe that humanity’s long violent path is the only way.

Official launch of the Pomroy’s World Online 3D virtual world

Click here for information on how to connect to the Pomroy’s World online 3D virtual world.

Finally there is hope.  Don’t despair Pomroy, we are here for you.

As you may have heard, a young teen from Long Island is stranded on a world in a dark matter universe.  You can find out more by reading the novel, Pomroy’s World: Arrival, (paperback), (Kindle).

After you read Pomroy’s World: Arrival, you can help Pomroy find his way home.  The author of Pomroy’s World has set up a 3D virtual world using an open source application called OpenSim (Diva’s Distribution).

Volunteers are need to build the Pomroy’s World online simulation. If we work together it is possible that we might find a way to reach the dark matter universe and rescue Pomroy and his exotic sweetheart Nna.

Everyone is welcome in Pomroy’s World.  Please feel free to explore and build.  The only rule is that everything should be in the spirit of Pomroy’s World.

Click here for information on how to connect to the Pomroy’s World online 3D virtual world.

My new novel, “Pomroy’s World: Arrival” has just been released

Pomroy’s World: Arrival is the first in a series.  It is a fantasy/science fiction novel set in both the real world and the world of dark matter and energy.  The hero is Pomroy, a teen from Long Island.

Pomroy’s World: Arrival is available now online.

You will also be able to obtain it online from other sources in a few days and the Kindle version should be in stores soon.

I hope you enjoy it.