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The top secret space plane fired jets to adjust its altitude. It would begin its descent in five minutes. No one could see the yellowish smear under the wing. The technicians watching images from the cameras trained on the heat-resistant tiles didn’t see anything abnormal.

The landing was routine and the spacecraft coasted to a stop. Suited workers hopped out of vehicles and approached the ship. The yellow smear coalesced into a thread like tube. It dropped to the surface of the runway. It made a tiny rustling sound as it moved.

The maintenance crew surrounded the aircraft. The tiny yellow worm creature crawled between the legs of a burly worker. It hopped onto the muddy boot and it began to climb. When it reached the top of the sock it dove into the space between the sock and skin. After it had wriggled down and settled on the foot it opened its buccal cavity and grabbed a fold of pink skin. The yellow worm began to gnaw its way in.

“Hungry,” it thought to itself.

The Intruder

I’ve tracked it since it left the blue sphere. It is headed straight for us. I am not sure what to do. It is not possible to discern its intentions and it has not communicated with us. It is a rather ungainly object. I can’t understand why they would send it to us. I do not think we can allow it to land. After all, this is our home. Who knows what havoc it might wreak. I suggest that we deflect it instead of destroying it. That way whoever sent it will believe that it malfunctioned. We must keep our existence secret.