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The IT guy checked the logs. “Damn there they are again, ” he said to himself.  He sighed and clicked through the long list of blacklisted IP addresses. “Don’t they have anything better to do?” the IT guy said.

He pulled out a black box the size of a matchbox. “Let’s see how they like this,” the IT guy said. He plugged the box into a USB port on the server. The IT guy smiled as a green light flashed on the box. He wished he could see the expressions on their faces.

(Somewhere far away) – The hacker touched his keyboard and screamed. The electric shock made his body twitch and spasm.

(Somewhere even farther away ) – The grinning thief placed his hand on the mouse. His scream of agony woke everyone in the building. The plastic melted and burned his palm. Acrid smoke filled the room.

The IT guy chuckled as he left the control center.