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Breaking news! Not trending on twitter! My new novel “Who’s The Lucky Guy?” is out in paperback.

The wait is over.

Who's The Lucky Guy
Aren’t you dying to know? Unfortunately the only way to find out is to buy the damn book and read it.

“Who’s The Lucky Guy,” the latest novel from Samuel Muggington, is available.

Buy it now before it sinks into the abyss of nothingness.

Click here to buy the paperback version of “Who’s The Lucky Guy?”

Don’t worry the Kindle version will be available very soon.

For more information on “Who’s The Lucky Guy?” Check out the book website at

It’s up to you and me

The laws of physics have no regard for human feelings. Gravity has no compassion. Matter and energy exist quite nicely without us.

Because of this reality, humans need to be proactive. We cannot abandon our precious lives to chance.  We have the capability to make our lives comfortable, and to increase the chances of our survival. It takes hard work, continual exploration, and new understanding of nature in order to better the odds.

There are two ways humans can do this. The first method, attempting to control and fight nature, has been most frequently used. Unfortunately the universe is filled with surprises, probably too many for us to ever anticipate. The second method, which is more promising, is finding ways to coexist with nature. The biomimicry and sustainability movements are good examples of humans findings ways to work with, and not against , nature.