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Dark matter update

DAMA , a research group that investigates rare processes in an underground laboratory of the Gran Sasso, has published results of an experiment that investigates dark matter.  You can find out more about their work here:

The DAMA Project – Investigations on particle DArk MAtter and other rare processes with highly radiopure scintillators @ Gran Sasso

It is an interesting project using a well-known approach, looking for seasonal variations in data. They add an interesting twist by assuming that their dark matter target of sodium with it’s odd number of protons is the reason that their detector has succeeded in detecting dark matter while others have not.

I’m still skeptical that they have actually detected dark matter since there are other plausible explanations for the results. In any event, it is a fascinating development.

Jenny Hinsman Blog Tour

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‘How do you come up with the story?’

This is a question I get a lot from friends, family and fans.

My love for writing comes from my love for reading.  Books have always been a huge part of my life.  I grew up watching my mom read all the time, I cannot remember a time in my life where my mom was not reading a book.  I was also very fortunate to have wonderful teachers that had a love for reading and dissecting stories.

Ideas for stories come from events, places, people and even dreams from everyday life.  I try to tap into emotions I get from music, art and even other books to create stories that I enjoy and hope others will as well.    Once I write an idea down I try to set up the scene, like one you would see in a movie.  I picture the background, the lighting, the mood, the characters, even the scent and feel of the scene.  It may start as just be a brief dialogue between two characters and then I build around it.  I ask myself after I write the scene, how did the characters get there?  What is their relationship?  Why are their personalities this way?  Where will the story/scene take them?  What is exciting about this?  Are there answers?  It is quite thrilling for me to find the answers!

The process for me is fun and I think that is the key, if I felt stressed or pressured my enthusiasm would wane.  I try not to worry about spelling, grammar or those types of things when the story is really flowing because it slows me down and that can all be fixed later.  I think the reader would be able to tell if the author was not passionate and excited about the story being told.

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Snow day

It’s cold in the house. Outside snow falls. A scrawny sparrow chirps next to the empty bird feeder. Several chubby squirrels managed to pry the lid off and now seeds litter the front porch.

I see a woman walking in the park. Her furry parka makes her into an upright lioness. I too will venture out soon. The ground is dusted with snow. I wonder whether boots are necessary.  I see a mental image of myself flying through the air. Yes, I think something with tread would be a good idea.

I open the closet and sigh.  The coats and jackets are slouching half on and off coat hangers. I prepare for battle. I know that when I manage to pull out my heavy coat, one of my wife’s coats will fall into the dark abyss at the bottom. I am certain that it will land on my dirty work boots.

After removing my coat and boots I manage to force the door shut with a bang. It’s almost as if the clothing and other unseen occupants of the closet are clawing at the door and pushing it open at the same time.

I bundle up from head to toe and brace myself for the bone-chilling cold.

I  squeeze through the doorway in my bulky clothing.

I did it. I am outside on this fine winter day.

The Reformation

No one knows why it happened.

“I want to start an organic garden,” Hacker One said. “I’m tired of wasting my life in front of a screen trying to break into people’s computers.”

“I’m going to learn about solar power. I’ll start a business and install solar panels,” Hacker Two said.

The Hackers stopped. They went out into the sunshine. They saw that they could do good in this world.



The IT guy checked the logs. “Damn there they are again, ” he said to himself.  He sighed and clicked through the long list of blacklisted IP addresses. “Don’t they have anything better to do?” the IT guy said.

He pulled out a black box the size of a matchbox. “Let’s see how they like this,” the IT guy said. He plugged the box into a USB port on the server. The IT guy smiled as a green light flashed on the box. He wished he could see the expressions on their faces.

(Somewhere far away) – The hacker touched his keyboard and screamed. The electric shock made his body twitch and spasm.

(Somewhere even farther away ) – The grinning thief placed his hand on the mouse. His scream of agony woke everyone in the building. The plastic melted and burned his palm. Acrid smoke filled the room.

The IT guy chuckled as he left the control center.