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Gabby Goblins

I admit it. We are ugly. We aren’t going to win any beauty contests. Some people say we are scary but I don’t know why. We just want to get lots of candy and get scared like everyone else on Halloween night.

Last year Halloween was the best ever. No one will ever forget the Gabby Goblins.

“This is the best Halloween ever,” Gerald said. “I know. The costumes are great. I think the girl in the black garbage bag is the best. She is the perfect raisin,” Gary said. “I do feel bad about those kids from the East side. They don’t get any candy at all,” Gerald said. “You know what we have to do,” Gary said. “Yup,” Gerald said.

All the goblins crawled and hopped down to the supermarket. They sneaked in through a back door and went to the candy aisle. Then they started to gab. They shouted, cajoled, laughed, giggled and screamed. The security guard turned pale and then he sprinted out the door. The goblins piled bags of candy into shopping carts.

The Gabby Goblins pushed those shopping carts all the way across town to the East end. One by one the children came up to the Gabby Goblins and they got their candy.

Those Gabby Goblins are good guys and gals.

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