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Tyranny of Toads

It happened in the night. They swarmed the city. Electrical power and phone lines got knocked out. Even cell phones did not work.

Those who could barricaded themselves in their apartments and houses. Most of them made the fatal mistake of not blocking the drains and the toilet.

They were everywhere. They swaggered down Broadway in full daylight. Every so often they would loot a store or cafe, croaking evilly as they made off with their prizes.

They thought they had conquered but they made one fatal mistake. It was in their genes.

They were poikilotherms.

Days, weeks and months passed under the tyranny of toads. Humans became furtive beings, darting in and out of the shadows. Gangs of toad ruffians roamed the streets preying on unfortunate souls.

The evil toads never realized what was happening but some humans began to smile. They knew what was coming. It happened on October 22nd when the first frost came. Toad bullies lay on the streets. Toads everywhere fell into stupors and slumbers.

The humans organized themselves into teams.  They went from door to door and collected toads and carted them away in their wheelbarrows. They loaded the toads onto trains, planes and ships and sent them far, far away where they could never be a problem again.

The toad tyranny ended that Winter.

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