Monthly Archives: February 2014


I stood next to the edge the water and saw a tail fin flip above the surface.  The waves lapped on the shore and a glimpse of an arched grey blue body appeared.  Soon other tails and curves took their turns to rise out of the water.

Suddenly a large smooth animal, a porpoise, or maybe a Beluga whale, surfaced inches away from the shore.  I hesitated, reached forward and stroked its skin.  It didn’t recoil and seemed to enjoy the touch.  It stared right back at me.  Oohs and ahhs came from the crowd on the shore.  The whale dove under the water and emerged a few feet away.  Until my dying day I will remember how that whale smiled at me.

Coffee in the morning

Up at five am, I am groggy and grouchy, stumbling from room to room getting ready for another day.  Get the water in the reservoir and open the bag of beans and sniff.  How heavenly.  Get the brewing underway and finally the hot brown liquid is in my favorite mug.  I take a cautious sip.  Perfect temperature.  It flows over my taste buds and the aroma bathes my olfactory nerve endings.  Caffeine surges through the blood brain barrier bringing sheer bliss.

Back in action

I’m back from my battle with a cold and flu.  It looks like winter is clawing at us, trying to hold on.  Fortunately, spring is inevitable.

There is still a carpet of snow on the ground despite the massive melt that has occurred.  It’s ironic that in spite of all the control that humans have exerted over nature, we are still at the mercy of the weather.  That may be one of the unreachable frontiers for science and maybe that is a good thing.

Just imagine if we could control the weather.  Would we be like children tugging and pulling at clouds or would it be a peaceful cooperative enterprise?

Life takes over

It is so easy to get caught up in things.  Snow storms, ice and wind can push everything aside and even time freezes.  I actually find it refreshing in an odd way.  Being out in the clean chill air, muscles flexing and extending, moving snowflakes.  Coming in to the warm, inviting house is a return to civilization and its duties and joys.