The Better Human Project

We live on a magnificent planet that provides endless opportunities. Humanity has some fatal flaws that prevent it from learning, growing and progressing as a society. The primitive violence and visceral hatred we witness today is no different than it has been for thousands of years.

Why don’t we as a culture and society make progress in the ways we treat each other? We seem to have no difficulty solving problems that require tools but those related to human emotions and thoughts remain unsolvable and inevitable despite many years of effort.

I suggest that our efforts have been sidetracked from the most important problem, learning how to live in peace with our fellow humans.

Isn’t this more important than cheaper junk food, or higher test scores?

I am going to try and use the #BetterHumanProject onTwitter to fish for suggestions and ideas that might help humans rise above our flawed history.

By the way, one of the reasons I wrote Pomroy’s World was to imagine ways in which a world could be different from ours. I refuse to believe that humanity’s long violent path is the only way.

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