New Day in the Park

Finally the weather is giving us a break.  Bright sunshine streams onto the pond.  I am watching a small flock of diving ducks.  They always make me smile when I see their oversize Mohawk shaped heads.

I see a few joggers and others strolling around the pond.  Of course the “bird lady” is there.  She is a hefty older woman who lugs a big shiny camera around the park.  She is there most days taking endless photos of the birds, the pond and the water.

There he goes!  Walking the power line like a tightrope walker.  He follows an intricate path of wires and trees limbs to cross the busy street in front of my house.  I’m amazed at how clever the grey squirrels are.

The leaves still cover the lawn.  They’ve been flattened and crushed by the weight of ice and snow.  I’m confident that the grass will fight its way through eventually although maybe that is just a way of avoiding the hours of raking that I know I should do.

The old retiree stops at the fire hydrant across the street with his two French bulldogs.  Why the fascination with fire hydrants I wonder?  His thin grey haired wife starts her brisk walk around the park leaving him with his two portly companions.  They are back at the fire hydrant again.  There must be something about the shape that is inviting to canines.


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