Let’s get him

“Charge!” They swarmed over the epithelial cells in the nasal cavity. Many furiously probed the juicy fatty-protein sandwiches that made up the cell membranes. As they penetrated the defenses they let out whoops of joy. When one of the invaders gained entry it began to multiply and soon the cell bulged like swollen blister ready to pop. Finally the membrane burst. They spilled out of the cell and shouts and cries filled the air. All over the mucus lining cells went down in defeat.

“Come on, don’t give up now. We’ve almost got him.” They made another frenzied push and more and more cells popped open and gushed out the odd geometric shapes. They looked like alien spacecraft as they clambered over cells and swam through the mucus lining. Then it happened.

They felt the air roar by at the sudden intake of breath. “Get ready for the wildest ride of your life.” The forced exhalation sounded like a thunderclap. They shot out of the nasal cavities into the air, free as birds. “Whoopee!” The shouts of joy resounded in the spray of droplets that fanned across the room.

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