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We found it in the cow pasture. The hole beckoned from behind a big rock. I couldn’t see a thing but I climbed right in. My friend went to get a flashlight and I started to feel my way forward. I knew that my eyes would adjust to the dark but for now I was blind as a bat.

I kept moving. This wasn’t one of those beautiful crystal caves with vaulted ceilings. I wonder if anyone ever came down here. Maybe long ago cave men and women hid in this place to escape predators. I looked at the cave wall hoping to see some cryptic drawings but all I saw was mud.

I heard my friend shout . “Hey, your Mom says it’s time for dinner. You better get out of there.” The ceiling was so low that I had to crawl on my belly. I had to decide. What’s it going to be dinner or intrepid explorer? I squeezed through the opening and kept going.