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They approached the white dwarf with caution. “No life forces appear to be within range,” it said. An intense beam shot down to the surface of the fiery white sphere and a tiny puff ball appeared. “Approaching ignition point,” it said. A purplish flare rose from the white dwarf and zoomed by them.  Everything occurred in silence. The writhing sheets of violet continued to spew into space.

It began to chuckle. It turned to its partner. “Let’s do another one,” it said. “I don’t know if we should,” the other said. “Come on, it doesn’t hurt anything, it’s just a little gamma radiation,” it said. “Alright, but this is the last one, okay?” the other said.

It grinned and turned them towards another juicy white dwarf.

The data driven road to happiness

Everyone wants to collect data. I have an idea that might help

Let’s collect data on the number of smiles, laughs and compliments people exhibit.

Why not find out what increases these positive behaviors?

If something increases the number of smiles and positive comments then maybe we need to encourage it.

Instead of forcing people to compete, why not find ways to help people enjoy each other’s company?