Daily Archives: August 6, 2014


I wonder when it happened. There must have been an initial eater. Some brave male or female human or proto-human managed to catch the reddish orange monster we so love today. Can you imagine what it was like? Getting pinched by the claws and feeling the hard outer shell. How did they know that is was edible?

Did they eat the lobster raw? I can’t imagine that it was very good unless the first lobster eater was starving. I’ve never eaten raw lobster although sashimi can be quite good.  How did they figure out how to cook it? You certainly couldn’t fry it.  Maybe they roasted it over a fire but I don’t know how that would work out.

It took a stroke of genius to plunge a writhing lobster into boiling water. Maybe by then humans had a tradition of boiling foods such as rice and roots and stem tubers.

It must have been a great day when someone did manage to catch, cook and eat some of the sweet lobster meat inside. I doubt that they had butter but who knows.