Daily Archives: August 14, 2014


The audience whispered to each other as they waited. The Sun beat down hard on their backs. All sat on dirt according to custom.

The drumming started. It synchronized the heartbeats of the crowd.  They leaned forward peering into the distance. Far off a tiny dust cloud appeared. It moved in their direction. Sighs of relief and soft murmurs accompanied laughs and smiles.

Soon all could see the column of men. They wore traditional dress. Soft kudu pelts swished against muscular legs. Bright red, blue and yellow beads glittered around sinewy throats. Each man held a polished wooden knobkerry.

They arrived. The drummer began to weave intricate rhythms into the steady beat and then he hit the drum a ferocious blow. The dance started.

Legs kicked impossibly high and then returned to stamp the dusty earth. The ground shook and the people watched in awe.