Daily Archives: September 5, 2014

The duel

I had the best of intentions when I woke. I would get right to it and have a productive day. Breakfast and dishes. Done. Make bed. Done. Shower. Done.

I was off and running and then Mr. Procrastination showed up. “Why don’t you get a glass of water?  You shouldn’t sit so long. Get up and move around.” he said. He was insidious.

I sat back down and got my computer fired up.  “You should check the news in case something important is happening. While you’re at it make sure you don’t have any texts. Of course you need to glance at your email,” he said.

Ï damned Mr. Procrastination to the lowest level of Hell. He almost got me. I took a deep breath and got everything ready. I felt content looking at the pristine, white screen that waited for my wise words. “I think music might help,” Mr Procrastination said. “It’s hot today. You need another glass of water.”

Of course he was right about the water. I filled a clean glass and admired the drops of condensation. I sat back down and decided, what the heck, maybe music would be nice. I launched my music software and played a song. Something wasn’t quite right. That song didn’t fit the mood I needed. Don’t get me wrong I love that band. I decided to make myself a new playlist. I had never done it before and I figured it would just take a few minutes.

Three hours later I was still searching for favorite songs from years ago. I had the best damn playlist ever.

The day was wasted.

I will get you next time Mr. Procrastination.