Daily Archives: September 6, 2014


It hit during the night. No one knows exactly where. I heard someone say we might not see the Sun again.

Because it’s dark all the time the looting has been bad. The people with generators can protect themselves. When the gasoline is gone no one knows what  will happen.

After we used everything from the freezer we decided to try to live off the land as much as we could. We’ve been eating salads but the plants are starting to turn yellow. Someone told me that ‘s called etiolation. They are going to die soon, the plants I mean.

We’ve decided to try hunting. I bet squirrel will taste alright. I hope the geese stay around. We always hated them because they pooped everywhere. Now I see families roasting birds in their backyards.

One nice thing  is the quiet. Since there is no electricity or Internet we have lots of spare time. We read by the fire and talk.

We never talk about the ash that falls over everything.