Daily Archives: September 13, 2014

The busker

He wore a shirt with black and white stripes. His beret gave him a jaunty look. While the crowds milled around he shifted from foot to foot in a pathetic dance. The bucket on the ground in front of him contained a few coins.

On and on he danced with an expression of utter boredom on his face.

Aha! Let the game begin. I see a big brute with blonde hair holding hands with his petite girlfriend. He looks harmless. I sneak up behind him and begin to imitate his walk. The crowd wakes up. I hear the whispers, laughs and titters. He looks back and I change into my dance and give him a warm smile. He smiles, turns around and keeps walking.

I step it up. I openly mock him now with funny faces and gestures and the crowd is roaring. I bet that will get some coins in my bucket. The girlfriend notices me and starts to laugh. She elbows her boyfriend and whispers in his ear. His face turns bright red. The girlfriend tugs on his arm. He whips around and confronts me with a tight smile on his face. I murmur apologies and shake his hand. The crowd applauds.

I walk back to my spot and dance.