Daily Archives: September 9, 2014

Got it

“Keep going. You’re not even close,” I said. The machine is emitting a high pitched hum as I watch the monitor. “Remember, we have to hit 10 to the 24th in order to get to yottahertz frequency.” The technician fiddled with the machine and the sound got louder.  “We’re almost there,” the technician said.

“Those two guys are a real pain in the ass,” One said.  The crowd agreed. Everyone watched the two men. “Do you think we should stop them?” Two said. “No, it was inevitable that this day would come,” Three said. The pitch of the noise increased to a painful level. “I think they have penetrated,” One said.

The air in the room shimmered. “Hey I can see shapes in the room. They are moving around,” I said. “Sir, I think they are watching us,” the technician said.